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Changemakers are generally students studying in college any where from the First Year of Junior College (FYJC) to the Third Year of Degree College (TY).  


All students interested in becoming Changemakers, must submit an application.

Students shortlisted from the interviews will need to complete a 6 session Changemaker Development Program and a mandatory slum visit.

Students who successfully complete the training go on to serve in various roles to ensure that the the program is executed successfully:

  • Mentors: The cornerstone of our Pehchaan program; serving as didis and bhaiyas to our participants. 

  • Activities Committee: Scientifically designed games and interactions which build language, confidence & lateral thinking to make the participants college ready.

  • Logistics: Coordination between NGOs, partners, Changemakers & participants.

  • Food Committee: Source & serve nutritious meals to participants who may not otherwise have a single meal to eat at home.

  • Public Relations & Social Media: Creating an understanding of the gap in our education system and how Pehchaan is the bridge.

  • Technicals: Capturing Pehchaan moments through photos & videos.

  • Final Day: The day participants get to showcase all they have become in front of an audience who may not have realized the potential of an equitable platform.

  • Prizes Committee: Source & distribute to all participants college starter kits and meaningful prizes for final day winners.

  • During the Pehchaan week, students who successfully complete their responsibilities are felicitated during the Changemaker Night where they are officially recognized as Pehchaan Changemakers.  

  • Previous Pehchaan Participants may also apply to serve as Changemakers.



Ambassadors are inhabitants of the bastis or slums who want to ensure that future generations have access to opportunities of growth and success that they themselves never did get.

They serve Pehchaan in the following ways:

  • Spread the word about the programs Pehchaan offers in their various bastis, ensuring that the parents and children understand the benefits of education.

  • Counsel parents who want their children to drop out of school and work or get married.

  • Counsel students on how to dream big and speak to their parents about how education is the key to breaking out of the cycle of poverty.

  • Sensitizing the Changemakers in Training about life in the slums while organizing a one day slum visit.

Ambassadors are also felicitated during Changemaker Night, as Pehchaan could not be a success without them.

Click here to apply to become a Pehchaan Ambassador.



Participants for Pehchaan must meet the criteria below:

  • Students who have completed or will complete their Std. 10 board exam in the current academic year and can present a hall ticket for the same.

  • Students who have completed or will complete their Std. 10 from a municipal school or have availed of the Right to Education (RTE) Act.

Pehchaan partners directly with municipal schools; however, a majority of our Pehchaan participants are identified by our NGO partners.  

Currently Pehchaan partners with two well-reputed NGOs who share our vision for an equitably educated India.


Individual students who meet our participant criteria may also apply for Pehchaan. If you would like to participate in Pehchaan or send your students to Pehchaan please apply here.



Pehchaan partners are the ones who make Pehchaan possible.


Indian School of Management & Entrepreneurship (ISME) has supported Pehchaan since its inception.

SME generously provides the classrooms needed for the Changemaker Development Program.  ISME also provides all the premises needed for the entire week of Pehchaan, so that participants get a true feel for what college will be like.

ISME's faculty and staff warmly welcome our participants and Changemakers each year making it possible for us to serve about 300 students each year.

ISME's founder Dr. Indu Shahani is an educator and has passionately supported the project individually, as well. 


Salaam Bombay Foundation: The largest NGO in India to work with vulnerable children between the ages of 11 and 17 who are most likely to drop out of school.  They have a presence in 300 municipal schools across Mumbai alone and partner with Pehchaan to send participants.


The Bombay YMCA Night Study Centres: They provide a supervised safe and clean environment for students living in low income housing to study after school hours where they have access to light, fans and some even to a nutritious meal.  The YMCA Night Study Centres partner to send participants.


Annamrita Foundation provides our Pehchaan participants a generous quantity of Iskon certified nutritious and delicious khichdi (rice with spices, lentils and vegetables) which allows our participants to get at least one nourishing meal a day while at Pehchaan. 

The following Rotaract Clubs partner with Pehchaan.  Their members apply, train to become and serve as Changemakers:

Rotaract Club of
Rotaract Club of
Sophia College for Women
Rotaract Club of
Lala Lajpatrai College
Rotaract Club of
Hinduja College
Rotaract Club of
Ruia College
Rotaract Club of
KC College
Rotaract Club of
NM College

If you would like to partner with Pehchaan, please do apply here.



At Pehchaan our Changemakers run the program, but there is requirement for a lot of back end support:

Grant writers:

  • Those with good writing skills and a fundamental belief that access to equal education should be available to all.

  • Draft written proposals to corporations for CSR funding. 

  • Identify organisations who can provide corpus funds and send out proposals for the same. 

Social media:

  • To publicize Pehchaan's vision of creating an equitably educated India.

  • To showcase Pehchaan's work and achievements.

  • Keep the website updated.


  • Create video content which shows the education gap.

  • Create video content of Pehchaan testimonials.

  • Create graphics which showcase the demographics of the education gap.

  • Create heart warming graphics of the work Pehchaan does.

  • Create short movie clips from the technical content filmed by the Changemakers.


Coaches & Educators:

  • Sex education coaches.

  • Motivational coaches.

  • Volunteer teachers for subjects taught in school.

Back office support:

  • Maintain spreadsheets of participant data tracking their college admissions, marks and more.

  • Creating reports for donors on Pehchaan statistics.

  • Communication with Changemakers, participants, parents, schools, partners and volunteers.

  • Tracking applications.

  • Maintaining accounts.



All monetary donations made for Pehchaan to the KurNiv Foundation are eligible for exemptions under 80(G) of Income Tax Act.

Cheques to be made in favor of: KurNiv Foundation

Donations in kind are also welcome.

Sponsorships for one or more of the meals provided during the Pehchaan week:

  • Bananas

  • Milk

  • Warm nutritious lunch

  • Snacks

Nutritional supplements such as:

  • Protein drinks

  • Protein bars

College kits for all participants:

  • Backpacks

  • Notebooks

  • Calculators

  • Pen drives

  • Stationery items

Prizes for winners of Pehchaan week:​

  • Scholarships

  • Tuitions (various subjects)

  • Laptops

  • Bicycles

  • Food Grains

  • Exercise Books

To donate please click here.

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