Bridging the Gap


What is Pehchaan?

Pehchaan is an initiative of the KurNiv Foundation.
Pehchaan’s education objective is to bridge the gap of inequitable education between the public and private sector schools in India in such a way that we:

  • Create camaraderie and friendship among different factions of society who would have otherwise not come together, regardless of income, living conditions or educational background.

  • Create a greater interest in students completing 10th standard from municipal schools to complete junior college successfully and then move on to further studies or a lucrative vocational practice.

  • Create a greater understanding among the public at large about the gap in education between municipal school education and private school education in India.

  • Create awareness among the public at large about what they can do, at their individual level, to step into bridging this gap between the public and private sectors of education.


Why Pehchaan?

We at Pehchaan want to shift the dialogue. We want to move from discussing the problem to discussing viable, and sustainable solutions, which can lead us productively forward.

We are interested in:

  • Productively presenting the challenges that exist today between the public and private sector of education.

  • Creating solutions, which can help bridge the gap that exists today between the public and private sectors of education.

  • Inspiring all members of our community to step into the solution at their level, thereby claiming back their power to create the India they would most ideally like to live in.

Join Pehchaan

There are multiple opportunities for those of all ages, education backgrounds, income levels and vocations to join Pehchaan.

Our Pehchaan family invites you to connect with us:

Changemakers: College students from FYJC to Doctorate level

Ambassadors: Students who have not completed Pehchaan, but have completed 10th standard from a municipal school, living in the slums and are now in College

Participants: Students currently in the 10th standard at a municipal school

Partners: Organizations who see synergy with the work with do and would like to assist us in creating a more equitably educated India

Volunteers: Individuals who have skills and synergies with our requirements and would like to partner with us to create a more equitably educated India

Donors: Individuals or organizations who could assist us financially in meeting our needs to ensure every child a higher education in a career of their choice


"I realized that not only the participants but also the mentors learn from this project."

Bhushan Gawle - Bridging The Gap Alumni
Colaba Municipl Secondary School

Elphinston College