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Bhushan Gawle — Bridging The Gap Alumni

Initially I wasn't comfortable with my mentors because of their good lifestyle, their way of speaking , but when they came to me and spoke to me, I understood how humble and polite they were. They made me feel comfortable. I wasn’t that good with English so they spoke to me in my language.

Being a participant, I was totally dependent on my mentors. I used to ask silly questions to my mentors and they answered it very patiently. Even if I asked them the same question more than two times they patiently answered, never got irritated at me. After the project was over, I had  good contact with my mentors. 

I became a mentor the next year and then understood how difficult it was for a mentor to keep their calm. I realized that not only the participants but also the mentors learn from this project. Even now, I  am in touch with the participants under my care.  It was very easy for me to understand the participants because I  had also been through the same situation a year ago and I wanted to help in my own way.

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